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Every of our team member are well-experienced in their own respective fields so you don't have to worry about anything to go wrong.

Each of our team member are well-experienced in their own respective field. Even our own founder is well known personality for network pentesting and analysis in cyber security and field intelligence based on digital humanization. This means we’re not only some college-passout degree holders, but geeks of technology and professional in their service. With these combinations, quality of our service is quite predictable.

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we provide multiple services at multiple levels to get the best result before we hand it over back to you


We analyze everything on your website/server/network which includes both frontend and backend of your setup. Once we’re done analyzing, we begin monitoring everything we’ve analyzed. If anything that is needed to be changed, we mark it in your weekly report for your developer to get it fixed.


If you don’t have a developer with you and you’re not too much into tech, you can contact us. We will fix your website/server/network wherever needed. If everything is already at it’s place, we’ll implement recommendations and optimization opportunities which will be best for your clients/customers without making major changes in their usage experience.

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