What we do


Security analysis

We perform analysis on your website/server/network precisely so that there is nothing left behind which a hacker could use to damage your infrastructure. If we detect anything, we mark it as “critical” and keep the report confidential. If we think it is something very critical for your business, we’ll notify you immediately via contact details you’ve given. Don’t worry! We won’t spam you for a packet loss!


We will analyze your whole infrastructure. If nothing critical is found, we will keep monitoring your platform. On the other hand, we will scan for optimization opportunities that will be the best preference for your website. It can be in terms of UI, or backend code optimization, or addition or reduction of codes. We’ll explain why do should and what you should not do to make it the best.


Security Implementation

If you don’t have a developer, or if our recommendation is out of your developer’s scope, you can hire us to do so. We will implement any security-related changes that are to be recommend on your order.

Recommendations Implementation

To make your platform more better to use, we recommend you to make changes in your platform. If somehow you don’t have a developer or if it is out of your developer’s scope, don’t worry! You can hire us to make changes in your platform according to the report that is presented to you.

Optimization Opportunities

Other than recommendations, there are optimization opportunities which can increase your platform’s performance and usability. This will much better in many perspective. If you don’t have a developer, or if our optimization opportunity is out of his/her scope, you can hire us and we’ll do the work for you!

Other Opportunities

Web Development

If you’re not satisfied with your current platform or if you’re planning to bring your idea online, you should worry about finding the best solution for it. Hold on! Did I just say “worry”? No! There is nothing to worry about if you’re with us. We also offer web development service which includes everything. Two months of free analysis and monitoring and 3 FREE standard implementations.


Once you get your website online, you would be wondering why you’re not getting any visitors. It’s quite logical. You’d also be wondering why your website isn’t showing up when you write it’s name on Google. It’s all upto SEO! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We do that too! With our experienced team in SEO, we can get your website indexed in Google and get you noticed by several major business portals online. The more you get noticed, the higher chances you have to get more visitors, and hence, sales!

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