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What is ShadowCrypt Tools?

ShadowCrypt Tools is a section on ShadowCrypt Cyber Intelligence specifically made for collection of tools that are mostly used by Pentesters, Developers & Ethical Hackers.

Why is there ShadowCrypt if we can use terminal to execute commands?

You might be a l33t enough to use terminal to do that so, but in the end, you would too prefer an easy way. ShadowCrypt provides you an easy way to execute the same tools that you do in terminal but with ease.

Who is the owner of ShadowCrypt?

ShadowCrypt is owned by Shadow Hosting International and made by Manal Shaikh, CEO.

Most Used Tools



*Changelog v2.3.4

[*]Added Bootstrap Form Input
[*]Fixed GeoIP
[*]Fixed Subnet Finder
[*]Updated MD5 Decryptor, mixed MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 & SHA512 Decryptor at once.
[*]Added homepage and moved tools section to another location.
[*]Added Anonymous Proxy
[*]Added Elite Proxy
[*]Added HTTPS Proxy
[*]Added Standard proxy.
[*]Added Website Screenshot Generator
[*]Added URL Shortener
[*]Added Alexa Rank Checker
[*]Added CMS Detector
[*]Honeypot Score Checker