Advertise with us

Advertise with us

Do you wish to get your brand featured on our website? Well, that's great. Our website's niche is technology and cybersecurity. Any website related to it will be the best suit here.


There are few requirements that you need to meet. If you do not, unfortunately, we would not be able to advertise your product on our website.

  • Illegal/porn/warez/illegal booter websites not allowed. For stress testing, a perfect banner that states that your website is limited to network stress testing in legal way.
  • For stress testing websites, your website must be providing legal stress testing. DDoS/DoSing other websites for fun, we do not advertise such products on our website.
  • We deserve right to reject your advertisement request whenever we want. If we feel that the advertisement is violating our policy, we will remove it without any refund. To know more, contact us via Discord
  • We do not provide refund for advertisement on our website.
  • Contact us

    Want your brand/product/website advertised with us? Contact us via email at [email protected] or contact any "Admin" on Discord to get things done.