Blacklist Removal

Blacklist Your Service On ShadowCrypt

Now since our website is totally legal, we do only allow use queries that the individual/organization personally/officially belongs/associated to. Any unauthorized use of our tool is strictly prohibited and we're not responsible for the same. Now with the due respect, we made ability for people to submit us with their website address, IP address or domain name. Those queries will be blocked from all tools on our website. By default, we have blocked websites such as all government, educational institute(s) and other institutes to be scanned by our tools.

Blacklist Form

Here is what to do -

You can submit your request via email at [email protected] with your name, organization you work for/with, your work email, query to block and reason why you wish to get it blacklisted(optional).

  • To verify your ownership, we request you to use the work email along with the domain that is to be blocked. Incase of IP, we will require one-time authentication by custom methods.
  • Once verified, you can remove that sub-domain and your query will be blacklisted.
  • We may reject your request if we think it is illegitimate.
  • For blacklist removal, contact us via the same email.
  • For government websites, educational institue, NGOs that have been blocked

    If you're from any of the above mentioned organization, you can contact us via email to get a private panel setup to test your website. We do it for free. However, we may charge fees if we believe that the organization is for-profit and other factors.

    For more information, contact us via the same email([email protected]) and we'll respond as soon as possible.


    If you wish to advertise your brand/product with us, checkout our advertisement page for more information.