We would like to convey our thanks to the below-mentioned direct and indirect contributors for our website. We're here because of them and with all due respect, they deserve this section of the website.

  • AdminLTE v3 - For the website's template.
  • - For all the icons
  • - For website's external framework
  • Github - For project management.
  • Stackoverflows - For debugging and helping us to fix simple to most complicated bugs
  • Shadow Hosting - For website's server and hosting along with domain name
  • Authors

    Major thanks to the authors who revised ShadowCrypt's v2 to v3. Just because of them, we're able to have such great UI and will continue to upgrade.

  • Manal Shaikh - The Founder, and the man behind ShadowCrypt & it's security.
  • Somil Gumber - Former developer behind ShadowCrypt v3.0's foundation.
  • Discord

    We share ideas and rant the author's work and for their bugs in our Discord server. If you think you're missed in the credits section, please contact us via Discord. Join us today. You can contact authors there if you have any query or if you wanna report a bug. Tap here to join.